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Stuck Inside

March 2020 was an uninspiring time for most. I was in San Francisco at the time for my last semester of college when the city went into quarantine. Being stuck in my room 24/7 put a damper on finding any inspiration from the world on the other side of the windows. So, I turned my attention inward. Luckily, I lived in an apartment built in 1910. And I had a fireplace (not usable) with built in bookshelves on the sides. There was no shortage of texture and craftsmanship to design from.


Burnt Out in Quarantine

When stuck in a 13 by 22 room for weeks on end, inspiration doesn't flow in on the breeze like usual. It creeps in slowly, if at all. With all the negative news and media, it was hard to really find anything worth designing about. That's where gratitude writing came along.


A Spark of gratitude

Journaling has been a key part in mental health care for me since middle school, even if I did it sporadically. Creating the gratitude list each day helped in finding the bright side of life in the dark beginnings of the pandemic. It also surfaced the theme I decided to go for.


Thank Gods for craftsmanship

If I didn't live in a living room built at the peak of Edwardian craftsmanship, this collection wouldn't be NEARLY as interesting. It was also a bit of a coincidence I'm fond of that era of architecture.

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