My 2019 Goals and How I'll Keep Them

Last year I made 3 goals and they didn't stick. I did work on them, but I failed at completing them. I realized they didn't work out because I didn't make them specific enough. The one that I did the best at was my goal to get as close to zero-waste as I could. I actually had a couple weeks in a row during the summer and fall that I had done all of my grocery shopping using no plastic! Alas, I fell off the zero-waste wagon at the end of the year due to the Paradise fire leaving me bedridden from asthma flare ups (air quality was the worst in the world), finals, and starting a new job. Oh, and moving to a new place. The other goals I had were too vague. One of them was to practice better time management and the other was to become conversational in a language. The bettering of time management was just so vague and I didn't really know how to do time management at all. I also didn't have one language I wanted to learn, I had four.

For 2019, I decided to be more specific for my goals. I'm still going to work on time management because I am an excellent procrastinator (or horrible depending on how you look at it), but I'm focusing on specifying it. I'm going to work on focusing on a single task at a time, not going back and forth from one project to the next. I'm going to work on priority planning, block scheduling and reducing over planning (no more than seven tasks a day). I want to start meditating by only meditating five minutes a day. I will bump that up by 1 minute each month. To help me start and keep up with it, I'm going to read 10% Happier and add meditation to my habit tracker for each week. I want to hop back on the zero-waste wagon for 2019 by doing all my grocery shopping at the farmer's market and Rainbow grocers (my local bulk store). I'll also be meal planning and prepping each week to save on food waste. I also want to use up what I have and remember to five Rs of zero-waste and why I started this journey in the first place by creating a bullet journal spread I can go back to for inspiration. I also want to get back in shape and this might sound simple but will be one of the toughest of my goals for me; to work out at lest four times a week. I made a spread in my bullet journal to give me ideas for workout routines I could do and my ideal days to do them. I still want to learn those four languages but I finally chose which one of them I want to learn first; Korean. I will start by teaching myself for 15 minutes a day (I've got to start somewhere) and will bump up the time increment to 30 minutes by March 31st if I have completely memorized the alphabet and pronunciations. I also put this one in my weekly habit tracker since it's something I'll be doing everyday. My final goal is to complete my fashion design portfolio. I'll be building my own book and working on fixing every collection I've done to be all the same size and orientation and have everything looking professional and ready for my career path.

I know this may seem like an overflowing amount of goals to keep on my plate, but since I've specified what I'll be doing for each one, it'll be a lot clearer and easier to do. I don't need to worry about deadlines because for most of them, my deadline is December 31st, 2019 at 11:59pm. Each month I break down those goals into smaller goals manageable for the month, then I break those goals down for each week. And then do a bit each day. That is a technique I also will use for time management. Don't eat the entire cake in one mouthful, just slowly nibble at it until you finish it.

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