Creating An Aesthetic Wardrobe

When you have five plus aesthetics you want to emulate, but only have so much time and are broke AF.

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If you are on the same side of TikTok as I am, you probably have the same dilemma as I do. One, you are either bi, neurodivergent, or both. And two, you can never choose just one aesthetic. That damn clock app has got us good. I wouldn't be surprised that you're also broke like I am and can't afford all the clothing, shoes, and accessories that create the ensembles of your dreams.

Brainstorming and Researching Your Aesthetics

Intro to researching process

My wardrobe brainstorming

Choosing elements, colors, and fabrics

Aesthetics are more guidelines than rules. You don't have to stick to every part of it to emulate it. Make a mood board (on paper, digitally, or on Pinterest) with all the photos you love and inspire you. A pattern will start to form. Each person gravitates to certain elements in each aesthetic. The ones you lean to are the ones you want to list and use.

Aesthetics are so captivating because they are cohesive. One of the simplest ways to achieve that in your wardrobe is to have a color theme. Since this isn't your normal fashion collection on the runway, but an assemblage of items you'll wear every day for (hopefully) years to come, it's best to have 7-10 colors in your repertoire. They won't be all used equally in your closet, though. That's the key to cohesiveness: hierarchy of colors. Choose one to three colors you gravitate towards most to within the aesthetics you've chosen. Those will be the base(s) to work from to choose the accent colors.

Designing Your Wardrobe

Silhouettes: How do you want things to fit?



Colorways: What items should be what colors. This is not color blocking. Unless color blocking is one of your elements.

Taking Action

Now it's time to make the patterns and start sewing! I'll be making tutorials on some of the garments I make which will be posted anon. If you want the patterns, I'll be working on placing those on my Etsy as printable PDFs with each video release.


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