Opposites Attract

Gender stereotypes are toxic, especially when it comes to our body types. This collection focuses on balancing those gender stereotypes within garments. I used the philosophy of yin and yang to portray the different genders. Men are generally told to have the "Dorito" body like Chris Evans or Dwayne Johnson and to not show emotion (represented by the color white). Women are told to look like a Vogue model or a Kardashian and be able to raise children, cook, clean, and always look their best (represented by the color black). I chose to exaggerate the stereotypical body proportions for each gender and incorporate them into each look; broad shoulders (male), slim waist (female), Bulky arms (male), and wide hips (female). With this collection, I also used thrift store garments and fabric scraps to create the garments. Nothing was wasted in this collection. It is essentially my first Zero Waste Collection. Even the scrap thread used during sewing was reused to create a fabric texture.